PANEL’s scaffolding and formwork products consist of:

Tunnel Formworks for Building Constructions
Bridge & Viaduct Formworks
Viaduct Pier Formworks
Viaduct Cap Girder Formwork
Pre-stressed System Bridge Girder Formworks
Wall Formwork Systems
Steel and Plywood Surfaced Formwork
Man Handled Modular Formworks
Climbing Formworks
Climbing Formworks with Large Surface Crane
Hydraulically Climbing Formworks
Hydraulically Sliding Formworks
Column Formworks
Steel and Plywood Surfaced Formworks
Round and Shaped Column Formworks
Man Handled Modular Formworks
Flooring Formworks
Table Type Formworks
Formworks with Support Scaffold System
Telescopic Prop Formworks
Tower Crane
Formwork for Fabricated Elements
Hydraulic Table
Battery Type Formworks
Industrial Type Formworks, Truss, Column, Culvert, Facade, Plaque Formworks
Tunnel Formwork for Motorways, Dams, Undergrounds
Hydraulic Tunnel Formwork
Box Type Formwork
Headwall Formwork
Bridge Wall Systems
Scaffolding Systems
Supporting (Load Bearing) Scaffold
Access Scaffold
Telescopic Prop
Special Projects
Special Designed Formwork
Technological Products
Steel Construction